What We Do

ABrown Holdings LLC is a Philadelphia PA based holding company that invests primarily in projects associated with Real Estate.

We may act as manager/GP of a project or we may act as an investor/LP of a project.

Either way, we look for projects with solid financials that meet our and our investors' goals.

Investments Held

We participate in the following investments either as manager/GP or investor/LP.
  • Brown Property Assets
    • A Philadelphia PA area based real estate investing company with assets in Philadelphia county PA, Delaware county PA and New Castle County DE.
  • BPA Nebraska
    • A Nebraska based real estate investment company with assets in Dodge County NE.
  • DeRosa Income Fund
    • A fund that invests short term in collateralized, geographically diverse real estate assets.
  • Unicorn RE
    • A Jacksonville FL ground up real estate construction company.
  • Koala Carwash
    • An Omaha NE area car wash.
  • Virtue Assisted Living
    • An Adult Foster Care company service serving the Detroit MI MSA.


We are always looking for new projects to manage and operators with whom we can partner to maximize returns through collaboration.

We welcome inquiries to evaluate new opportunities.

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